For the past week, Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture has opened its doors as a downtown drop-off centre for donations and goods to go towards the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

We’re not taking any more material donations, as our balikbayan boxes are now full and on their way out. (We are, however, still accepting donations via **cash, cheque or PayPal.)

Allow us to take a moment to thank our generous donors and community members for their ‘bayanihan spirit’ during this very troubled, yet crucial time.

The list of names below* includes those who brought in donations, pledged funds, sponsored boxes, packed boxes, donated food, set up chairs, picked up trash… passed, lifted and stacked.

(It doesn’t reflect who gave what and how much, but the names themselves, together on the page say a whole lot more about what a community looks like when it bands together. We think you’ll agree.)

Forex, Ana Serrano, Catherine Hernandez, Isa Palanca, Jodee Aguillon, Leigh, Leonard Cervantes, Leon Aureus, Tori Allen, Rose Bellosillo, Anthony Reyes, Christine Mangosing, Hillary Johnston, Remy Laxamana, Marilu Ip, Sandy Santos, Reese Baguio, Chantelle Brown, Remely’s, Chester’s Chicken, GlobalMedic, Latin America Emporium, Metro, Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Corina Clarin, Tina Francis, Carla Day-Reiner, Anne Josef, Corina Rodil, Tonia Estrella, Dr. Rob Capell, Theresa Valmonte, Ray Tamonoong, Lori Baladjay, Lourdes Sadina, Tala Berkes, Leigh Krekoski, Don Arzadon, Kam Azeez, Alan Santa Ana, Ferdinand A., CityTV, Denise Villanueva, Conilyn Herrera, Noel and Yvonne Fajardo, Charles Deguia, Michelle Endaya, Rob Proletto, Anne Josef, Aura Carcueva, Noel Matta, Charity de Vera, Morgan Grady-Smith, Poetry Is Our Second Language Poets, Amanda Parris, Mary Anne Gamboa, Memory Encarnacio, Nova De Leon, Mahomed Limbada, Dylan Hamada, Loriebelle Urritia, Jasmin Olarte, Jared Schincariol, Manny Veneracion, Victor Ramos, Mark Suarez, Ruizelle Paz, Francis Agupay, Kathy Wurfel, Carlos Gouveia, Carmita Mangosing, Karen Reyes and Lian Ca-lisle, Ainsley Grzywinski, Ryan from upstairs, Christine Ates, Darrel Gamotin, Louise Villanueva, Rachel Bayot, Regine Gorospe, Philip Mineque, Therese Cruz, Hainely Pableo, Dania Uribe, Chris Estrada, Paul Lampa, Children’s Rehabilitation Center, Alicia Ho, Gerald Cajindos and Krudar Muay Thai Gym, Carlos Bulosan Theatre, Michelle Uy, Romeo Candido, Anne Marie Leveriza, Jihan, Catherine Hernandez, Nina Lee Aquino, Cahoots Theatre, The Gallagher Family, Shonali Sarin, Kevin Hilditch, The Rodgriguez Family, Eskinaz/Slotnisky, Filipino Canadian Association of Ryerson (FCAR), Daniele Guevara, Karen, Theatre Passe Muraille, Marjorie Chan, Marie Beath Badian, Celeste Palanca, Michelle Turingan, Luigi Garde, Carina DelFrate, WRRI Toronto, Clare Preuss, Andrea Tam, Annalie Bonda, Timebomb Trading, American Apparel, Joana Decastro, Sophie Lafont, Starbucks, Aspetta, Virginia Domondar, Gloria Torio, Clarita Paano, Sweet Ortega, Eden Letrondo, Michelle Phillips, Paul Maurillo, Tiny Palanca, Debbie Celis, Myk Miranda, Alex Felipe, Ed Dagsaan, Krystel Pasignasigna, Rex Daga, Errol Vicencio, Aaron Currie, Aleksandra Majkut, Amber Ellis, Aneep Dhade, Angelo Matela, Anna Klimowski , Anna Valerio, Catherine Kozachenko, Donna-Mae Robinson, Francis & Merry Baguio, Iris Ng & Mike Reio, Jackie Wood, Jennifer Bailey, Jenny La, Jeremy Coombs, Jessica Diamond, Jessica Leiva, Jessica Soedirgo, Melanya Aguila, Michelle Robinson, Nikki Benton & Lloyd Rang, Olfa Guirguis, Salvador & Cecilia Baguio, Scott Bolton, Shawna Botelho, Shelley Smith, Tam Khuu, Wendy Chen, Zeena Abdulla

From all of us on behalf of our country and our people,


*This list is still-growing and possibly incomplete or incorrect. Please let us know if you haven’t been acknowledged. It’s important for us to show you our gratitude.

** Cash, cheque and Paypal Donations will support Global Medic, a Toronto-based volunteer agency that is deploying a relief mission to the Philippines to provide safe drinking water.


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