Blog Contributor Guidelines

Just a few general guidelines for all our contributing bloggers. We welcome anyone to join in, just shoot us a request and we’ll process you accordingly. These are always in development so if you have a suggestion, comment here!

1. Make sure your content (and your links) aren’t objectionable. eg. no nudity, keep profanity to a minimum, suitable for youth consumption.
2. Always tag your posts.
3. Always categorize your posts (Email the Admins to add new ones if necessary).
4. For articles longer than two paragraphs, please use the “More” tag.
5. Always create hyperlinks that “open in a separate window”.
6. Articles must be related to the Philippines or the Filipino experience on some level.
7. Try and embed a strong image/photo/video in the top (and center it) to draw the audience into your post.
8. Always credit the image to the photographer/videographer and link it to their website.
9. At the top of your post always write “by [insert your first name here]”.

All posts are moderated, and may take a while to appear once posted. If you have any questions (or wish to join as a KAPISANAN community blogger), please feel free to email the administrators/editors at:

If you need some help with blogging, take a look at some of these training videos.

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