Alunsina Revealed

Last Saturday Kapisanan celebrated the opening of the Alunsina art exhibit featuring the second group of young Filipinas under Clutch, the signature six-month arts mentorship program unique to Kapisanan and supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Artists Kristina Guison, Daryl Anne Panganiban, Desiree Gamotin, and Flerida Peña underwent an intensive regimen of workshops given by musicians, playwrights, actresses, photojournalists, filmmakers, and writers. Together, the women harnessed their creative powers to form a dialogue between themselves while capturing the essence of being between worlds. Young, Filipina and fierce! Yeah!Kristina, Flerida, Daryl Anne, and Desiree

Alunsina was a fantastic night of art, music, and film. Kapisanan was abuzz with positive energy and excited chatter. Guests enjoyed wine along with native Filipino sweets. April Aliermo, the Clutch Coordinator, gave the opening remarks to a packed house. Two short clips were shown right after, a video of the CLUTCH dance workshop given by our very own Jodee and the music video of indie band Forest City Lovers, in which the CLUTCH crew were extras. The night’s feature film was the screening of the women’s original short film Perched. The artists worked with indie band Ohbijou on creating the music for their film. In Perched, Toronto street scenes were interspersed with a description of Philippine life, set to the sounds of the bandurria.

And what about the art? On display at the Vinta Gallery and the rest of Kapisanan were works in a variety of disciplines- including photography, installation, and prints. Guests mingled while admiring the art and got a chance to be hands on with an interactive exhibit. Afterwards, Flerida rocked the house with her original and witty monologue on a relationship framed entirely through text. It was a strong performance that captivated the audience. This lady’s name is gonna be up in lights one of these days!

All in all, Alunsina was a top night for everyone at Kapisanan. It will be incredibly interesting to see how the art of the CLUTCH women develops in years to come. Flerida, Desiree, Kristina, and Daryl Anne have much to be proud of and this is only the beginning! Keep your eyes on these amazing Filipinas!

Come to Kapisanan and see the fabulous art of the Clutch women for yourself. Fancy taking some of it home? You can purchase pieces at the Vinta Gallery.

Alunsina will be on display at Kapisanan’s Vinta Gallery (167 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market) until March 6. The gallery will be open from 1-8 PM Wednesday through Fridays and 1-6 PM on Saturdays. Go on, soak in some art!

~ by cpnivera on February 27, 2010.

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  1. Whoaa, thanks a lot! We can’t forget Althea Balmes though! She was such a integral part of the performance. 😀

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