Behind the camera

By Paul Maurillo

I was in charge of documenting the Melissa Clemente Jewellery/Fashion Show “EPOCH”. I was entrusted a camera and sent out into the wild to grab the footage that would best depict that evening. Naturally in these sort on venues I would be uncomfortable but I did feel somewhat at ease. Since I was behind the camera the whole time, It acted like a safety blanket. The insecurities and anxiety that I would usually feel were locked up inside the confines of this camera. The equipment acted like a sort of wall that would keep me safe from my demons. With that wall up I could walk amongst the crowd freely as if I were a ghost. Filming and stealing scenes from other peoples lives. Being a ghost among them was the key in capturing their moments.

When the rehearsal began I took my place and tried to film it as best I could from my perspective. I had the privilege of getting to listen to “Santa Guerilla” before the models would take the stage. As expected their music would bring you to an unfamiliar place of unrequited bliss that you would never hope to leave. Then suddenly the music would dim to a rumble, the focus to be placed upon the models and jewellery that would soon appear from behind that thick pearl curtain. One by one The models would stride by showing off there carefully placed accessories, each one more beautiful than the next. Then everything was brought to an abrupt halt. Under my confusion the music roared once more to signify the dance of the malong. Their task was to captivate the flow of the music and become one. The rhythmic movements and musical amalgamation would leave you befuddled in euphoria. The following end of the rehearsal brought forth another gala of sorts till the real show began.

Once again I am to film all that would best depict this night. The various people conversing and interacting. The exchange of laughter between friends and strangers alike, all of it is gold when looking through the lens. Everyone enjoying themselves to an unparalleled degree. I sifted through the crowd filming all that might fascinate, weaving through and around people. The time had soon approached for the actual show to begin.The population had grown since the start and made it almost impossible for me to get around. Thick crowd, dense, all packed together like sardines. This sea of people had surrounded the stage with me unfortunately on the outside. Somehow I slowly Managed to tunnel my way through. I had gotten in place at just the right moment. Numerous sounds emanating from the masses. peace in front of me and chaos behind.

Santa Guerilla had once again started to play. The conversions brought down to a murmur, only the stage lit up, the rhythmic sounds rising. It was time for the show to begin…

~ by pmaurillo on January 6, 2010.

One Response to “Behind the camera”

  1. wow,

    incredible piece of writing pmaurillo!

    I don’t even have to see the footage anymore, I feel like you painted it clearly already

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