Poetry Fundraiser turns Nuit Blanche BROWN.

Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture has opened its doors as a downtown drop-off centre for donations and goods to go towards the victims of Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana.  Please drop off your donations at 167 Augusta until Wednesday October 7th.


This past Saturday night at Kapisanan was a glorious one.  It may have been Nuit Blanche, but the packed house at 167 Augusta made BROWN the cool colour of the night.

Kapisanan held its very-first full-fledged poetry show on Saturday night and it turned out to be an all-star affair that could rival any poetry stage in this or any city in any community, period.  Pics, roster and poetry play-by-play to come, but for now you can watch most of the show live right here on our website (mouseover + click the screen to scroll back and forth between clips):

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/305172/577703&tbid=k_242&p=p/s&height=436&width=416]

The already-planned Poetry is our Second Language (PSL) showcase had been modified into a fundraiser for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana along with the Kapisanan space designating itself as a downtown drop-off point for food, supplies, meds, toiletries and other donations to go in 20 balikbayan boxes heading straight for Manila.

The boxes were full before the night was over and so were the hearts of the audience who stayed to listen to the poetry on the stage.

Photos are forthcoming as well as the final tally on the donations that came in over the weekend.  For now, let us just say that we greatly exceeded our own wildest expectations.

We are truly humbled by the talent, the audience appreciation, the donations and the outpouring of support and bayanihan spirit that we saw this past week.

On behalf of Kapisanan, we salute you for supporting this cause.

~ by Leonard on October 4, 2009.

One Response to “Poetry Fundraiser turns Nuit Blanche BROWN.”

  1. On behalf of KAPISANAN, I would like to give a HUGE SALAMAT to Jodee Aguillon who spearheaded the fundraising efforts at KAPISANAN, and to Kevin, Karyl, Paul, and Tiny, staff, intern, and co-op students who fully supported Jodee’s lead in everything this whole week and Saturday’s wikkid wikid show. And to Len Cervantes our resident Poet and mentor for the inspiration he has shared. Also to all the amazing talent who took the mic at PSL. And to all the volunteers and sponsors and donors who’s bayanihan spirit reminds us all of what it means to be Filipino. It is the inspiration that keeps KAPISANAN going. THANK YOU to all.

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