Charity is also our Second Language: How To Help Typhoon Ondoy Victims through Kapisanan

Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture has opened its doors as a downtown drop-off centre for donations and goods to go towards the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.  Please drop off your donations at 167 Augusta on Friday Oct 2, 1pm-8pm or Saturday Oct 3 starting from 1pm and ALL NIGHT LONG, Lionel Richie.

(**Update 3** Oct 4/09 — Last night was amazing. CHECK OUT A FEW PHOTOS. SALAMAT PO! (via jodee’s cam) We’re still accepting donations but are aiming to ship the FIRST set of 20 boxes out by WEDNESDAY. Once again, THANK YOU. This is just the beginning…)

(**Update 2** Oct 2/09 — TIPS Final-Round-Placer Myk Miranda will be performing as part of PSL along with a host of poets both brand-new and seasoned.  For those of you worldwide, we’ll be streaming it *LIVE* right here! 8pm EST)

*** see most recent post.

(*Update* Oct 2/09 — More box packing PHOTOS, plus updated list of WHAT’S NEEDED MOST.  PSL fundraiser TOMORROW!)




(*Update* Oct 1/09 — Check out PHOTOS of the first donations coming in!)



(*Update* Sept 30/09 — See our new DONORS PAGE.)

In the spirit of bayanihan, Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture will be lending a hand to the victims of tropical storm, Ketsana aka Typhoon Ondoy.

It all happens here!

Poetry is Our Second Language • Sat. October 3rd • 7 pm til you’re SAWA!

Not just Nuit Blanche, it’s a Night to Give Back. Stop by and PWYC to support the relief efforts in the Philippines while you enjoy poetry.

Want to help? We are accepting monetary donations via PayPal, cheques or cash and in-kind donations at Kapisanan 167 Augusta Ave. Toronto, ON, M5T 2L4. You can also call us at 416.979.0600.

Here’s the PayPal info:

Direct Link
Merchant Name: Kapisanan Philippine Centre
Secure Merchant Account ID: 6GLE65XWEL3YQ

Read below to see what good your goods are doing! KAPISANAN is open for the rest of the week, beginning at 1pm.

1) Best Pasalubong

Thanks to FOREX, the people who love to deliver, we’re shipping twenty (20) balikbayan boxes to San Juan, Metro Manila where our very own Carmita Mangosing will distribute the goods to the affected barangays and families.

We shall also be allocating balikbayan boxes to the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Quezon City (one of the hardest hit areas). The CRC is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government institution serving children and families who are victims of state violence in the Philippines. If you’ve got goods that you think can benefit children especially, do bring them to Kapisanan and they will go to CRC.

They are specifically requesting not only food, clothing, and health/hygiene related goods but also goods to help rebuild local education centres and schools: student and teacher supplies have been destroyed and need to be restocked.

Our own Alex Felipe has done some work with them in the past, you can see his photos and read more about the CRC’s work (when not providing disaster aid) here:  The CRC

Currently our boy Manny Veneration is volunteering with them in Manila.  Read his blog HERE.  Manny’s been in the Philippines since late last year!

Also check out the Salinlahi/CRC page on facebook for photos and info: CLICK HERE

Thank you to the Donors who adopted boxes and paid for the shipping costs and to FOREX for giving us a discounted rate.

Please note that there is a limited quantity of items that we can send back.  So while we are looking for donations please target the following items:

▪ Clothes
▪ Blankets
▪ Mosquito nets
▪ Sleeping mats
▪ Cooking utensils
▪ Plates
▪ Spoons and forks
▪ Cups
▪ Medicines for flu, cough, cold, diarrhea, antibacterial and anti-fungal creams,
▪ Materials of wound dressing such as bandages and Betadine
▪ Personal hygiene needs (e.g., toothpaste, toothbrush, bath soap)
▪ Laundry soap
▪ Food
▪ Water
▪ School supplies

2) Hay Naku H2O

Cash, cheque and Paypal Donations will support Global Medic, a Toronto-based volunteer agency that is deploying a relief mission to the Philippines to provide safe drinking water.

You can find out more about Global Medic at their own website — and if you’d like to know exactly what your money donation will go to, check out this clip from Daily Planet where they demonstrate how the water purification works (as of this writing, Global Medic’s Rapid Relief Team is flying out of Pearson en route to Manila).

3) Bayong Bounty

We’re filling the Balikbayan Boxes with essential toiletries and non-perishable food items. Please indicate when you donate cash, cheques or via PayPal if you’d like your donation to go towards our trip to the palengke to buy these.

4) Hang In There

De-clutter your closets for a cause. We’re sending gently used clothes, flip-flops and shoes for kids, men and women. Just drop them off at KAPISANAN during our operating hours. is your info source. We’ll be busy updating this site so you can see who’s already helped, find updates and general info on all of our Typhoon Ondoy relief efforts.

For more info on how to donate or how to find us, call us at 416.979.0600 or email us at

Follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Group.

~ by Leonard on October 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “Charity is also our Second Language: How To Help Typhoon Ondoy Victims through Kapisanan”

  1. so that means all the cash that will be donated will be converted to goods?

  2. that will depend on the donor & what they’d prefer =)

  3. Yep, the cash collected will go towards more supplies to fill the sponsored boxes… and to Global Medic for the water purification & meds.

    We plan to provide a full report!

  4. you know what else people would need? sanitary napkins and diapers.

  5. [message below from MLV in Manila]


    got some peeps in vancouver that wanna know what they can do.

    anyone know if anyone in west is doing the same shit you’re doing in kensington? drop off centre etc?… Read more

    holler if you do . . . this guy has too many shoes.

    good job everyone . . . well send some pictures of your relief items and donations at work as soon as i get them up. everyone appreciates it . . .

    BUT WE NEED MORE! it’s not nearly enough. we’ve had to turn down pleas in order to get to higher priority cases i.e. families with children, community organizers who have been too busy to clean their own homes. relief coming from local goverment faces and other orgs are unorganized, sending a truck (with name on it, of course) to the main street and pretty much ringing a bell, providing for the hordes on a first come first serve basis.

    and if you’re BOUT IT . . . just COME HERE! clean up is going to forever. streets in low-to-lower-class neighborhoods are still piled with debree and garbage making it impossible for water to drain. people doing their laundry in a foot of mud. with no local government clean up and more rain coming.

    i’m actually amazed at how little assistance has come to the Olandes, marakhina area. it’s right beside a river! media coverage only goes to high death toll communities, which (by no small coincidence) are also higher-class communities (sorry, had to go there). in general, poorer communities are tighter knit . . . more help from neighbor. less death. apparently that means less help.

    on the bright-side, you can get a joke out of anyone on the street. in true filipino fashion, they managed to find the humour in the situation. no time to sleep, no time to weep, the people are getting on.

    alright . . . there’s my morning rant. GO TEAM! and send candles, it’s fuckin DARK!



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