Throw Your Hands Up At Me…

by Jodinand Aguillon

With the seasons changing & cooler weather upon us, there’s certainly no cooling down The K.  If anything, things are heating up & mostly due to the ladies of CLUTCH!

“CLUTCH is a 6-month arts-based program just for young women focusing on the disciplines of photography, film/video, creative writing, music, music production, theatre and visual art!”


As a guy, I can’t help but feel a little jealous. I mean, just about every day in some corner of The K… these girls are in their intense huddles working away. On what? They won’t say. Okay. Woah. PSL overload… anyway. I just stand back & secretly try to eavesdrop in on some of their sessions but I can never get quite close enough.

The ladies of CLUTCH with Maylee Todd. Likely planning world domination.

The ladies of CLUTCH with Maylee Todd. Likely planning world domination.

Good thing they’ve launched a BLOG! “Ladies Making Art through Philippine Culture” It’s super fresh & with the amount of talent within this dedicated batch of young women – I’m already stoked to see what they come up with! Although, I’m clearly not part of the club… I can still lurk with admiration, can’t I? Check them out & follow along!

So what if I’m not exactly an “Independent Woman”… the ladies of CLUTCH sure make me wanna be one. Yeah. I said it.

~ by jodinand on September 27, 2009.

One Response to “Throw Your Hands Up At Me…”

  1. Peeped the blog! Very interesting, Vol. II!
    You have us Vol. I alumnae coloured a shamed shade of berde; why didn’t we think to make a blog?!

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