The great rallier — Alexis Tioseco, 1981-2009

L to R: Alexis, Raya, Carla @ Berlinale 2005

L to R: Alexis, Raya, Carla @ Berlinale 2005

by Carla D.

Born in Manila and raised in Vancouver, Alexis returned to the Philippines in 1997 to attend university with plans of one day helping run the family business. The gears soon shifted for Alexis as he discovered contemporary Philippine cinema both as a spectator and participant via numerous friends and associates in the industry. In his career, Alexis has been a curator and founder of film festivals, served on the jury of other international film festivals, spoken at various symposiums, lectured at his alma matter the University of Asia and the Pacific, and has contributed to both Philippine and international publications, all on the subject of film. Most importantly he founded, a website devoted to elevating the dialogue on Southeast Asian cinema. In 2005 the Philippine Star lauded him as “one of the most important young people in the Philippines today ” for his passionate contributions in the support of Philippine cinema.

Alexis was a great supporter and friend of contemporary Philippine artist Lav Diaz, whose 2002 film Batang Westside first sparked Alexis’s interest in the current scene. Alexis also considered himself both supporter and critic, as well as friend to up-and-coming wunderkind Raya Martin, whose latest work Independencia has been included in this year’s TIFF “Visions” programme. Alexis was also a personal friend who took great interest in my previous efforts as an art director here in Canada and wholly supported my onetime and as yet unfulfilled decision to enter into a masters program for film studies.

Alexis and his girlfriend, fellow film critic and Slovenian national Nika Bohinc were killed in Manila last Tuesday during a home robbery in progress at their residence. Raya Martin has chosen to remain in Manila to mourn the passing of his close friends and will be dedicating the screenings of Independencia to the memory of the couple.

Independencia screens on September 12th, 12:45 pm at the Scotiabank Theatre 3, September 13th at 6:15 pm at AMC 5, and September 17th at 7pm at the Varsity 2 cinema. Please check out a screening, take in a ground-breaking work from the motherland and remember the lives of a couple who lived and loved through their passion.

We’ll always have Berlin, Eggy.

~ by Carla D. on September 9, 2009.

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