Week 3: Aug 20 @6pm

Week 3: Aug 20 @6pm

PSL – Kapisanan’s 4 Week Poetry Unit continues with our Special Guest Dwayne Morgan in Week 3 (@Kapisanan, Thurs Aug 20 6pmSHARP!).

Dwayne Morgan began his career as a spoken word artist in 1993. In 1994, he founded Up From The Roots entertainment, to promote the positive artistic contributions of African Canadian and urban influenced artists. He’s produced countless open mics, spoken word events and poetry slams over the years. We’re lucky to have him, as he’s always touring worldwide and is due to fly out again the week following.

Before Kapisanan was there to embrace Poetry for our Filipino community, a few of our own resident poets (Dean Vargas, Balance, Idris, myself) started out by cutting our teeth on Dwayne’s Up From The Roots Open Mic stage. It’s only fitting that we welcome Dwayne Morgan to Kapisanan to help us out with Week 3 of our own Poetry Unit.

Here’s a brief outline of what we’re looking to cover:

– a quick rundown from me on the history of Spoken Word, Slam and how it relates to our own heritage. (don’t worry, we won’t be going over 5 centuries of poetry history this week!)
– We’ll hear a few pieces from Dwayne and then get your observations and interpretations. And you can ask questions!
– If you came in Week 2, you had HOMEWORK (both from me and Patty Rivera). Let’s read that work.
– For those interested in Spoken Word Performance, let’s give you a chance to try it out on the KPC basement mic without all those bright lights and scary crowds. We’ll ask Dwayne for some critiques and tips. It’s a rare chance to get some one-on-one feedback from the man who runs the Toronto International Poetry Slam (which takes place on Sept 5 btw).
– Of course, I’ll be giving out homework!

Finally, let’s talk to Dwayne about the the other stuff that comes with the poetry.
– How can Spoken Word and Poetry go hand-in-hand with Community Building?
– Why is it needed and what have the benefits been over the years?
– What resources are available to those starting out? What’s involved in making a living?

Last week, Christine Balmes (and the rest of you) asked about the big difference between Page Poetry and Spoken Word Poetry. Dwayne Morgan is also a published poet with many books under his belt, so perhaps this is something we can discuss — how can a Spoken Word Poet make sure that he or she is on his game as far as the writing, the craft, not to mention the publishing?

Week 3 is going to be awesome, so don’t miss it. (@Kapisanan, Thurs Aug 20 6pmSHARP!)

Oh and BTW — PSL Poetry Unit is facilitated by me, Leonard Cervantes.

Here’s some photos from Week 2 and Week 1 — courtesy of Jodee!

~ by Leonard on August 14, 2009.

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