Brampton MP Ruby Dhalla in the middle of ‘Nannygate’ Shitstorm

Why isn’t our blog buzzing about THIS today?

I used to think she was kinda HOT (for an MP).

I used to think she was kinda HOT (for an MP).

What’s your take?

~ by Leonard on May 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “Brampton MP Ruby Dhalla in the middle of ‘Nannygate’ Shitstorm”

  1. Please see my blog:
    Days for slave labour far from over

  2. I used think she was kinda hot too… what a difference a little abuse makes huh? ūüėČ

  3. hehe, obviously it was my caveman instinct that made me put the “hot” comment in the caption — and alex agrees! HA!

    but seriously on that note, that’s a major point in the whole Dhalla discussion — no one can deny that if she wasn’t young, good looking or as high-profile, she’d probably have to resign, at least while she’s being investigated. that this is even up for discussion is a comment on aesthetics in politics.

    in any case, she hasn’t been proven guilty yet — but since the live-ins in question are (#1) Filipino and (#2) being represented by Intercede, an organization closely weaved into the history of KPC, I thought it would be fair to post here.

  4. Very interesting too that while the accusations made by the caregivers are “normal” as in ‘very common’ caregiver complains, the media have focused more on Ruby than the issues faced by caregivers. Whether or not Ruby is guilty it remains a fact that being underpaid, overworked, and ‘loaned’ out to family for no pay is a regular reality.

    I watched her press con yesterday and found the attempts to put all this on her brother interesting too. As if if she herself was not the employer on paper, it would absolve her of moral responsibility since she lived in the same household…

    And it’s always so much sadder (though unfortunately not surprising) when it’s a fellow PoC that does the abusing…

  5. its not only the media, but the reactions of the public — they’re more outraged at the possibility that Dhalla might be being smeared by a political rival.

    there’s little mention of the actual allegations and issues surrounding them!

    it could be a missed opportunity to spread awareness about the situation.

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