Pilipino Posse Cut – “Children of the Sun – Deep Foundation”

by Leonard

If you’re a hip-hop fan from back in the day, you know that a “posse cut” was a special occasion — a special kind of rap song where you could hear an All-Star collection of your favourite MCs on one track.

Posse cuts of note: “The Symphony – Juice Crew”, “Live at the BBQ – Main Source”, pretty much any Wu-Tang Clan song and OMG the king of them all — “Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest”!

Check that one out — a posse cut stocked with Fil-Am MCs… but the best part — the Philippines scenery cut into the video.  It will make your heart wish you were somewhere…

~ by Leonard on April 14, 2009.

One Response to “Pilipino Posse Cut – “Children of the Sun – Deep Foundation””

  1. Cool! Just to say the word makes me blush (kahit na brown-skinned tayo, namumula pa rin!), especially for an old fogey like me.
    If only we can channel the angst so pervasive in the rap song into something really “revolutionary.” I don’t mean to rise in arms. What you young people are doing at present is enough to move earth.
    Thanks Leonard for sharing.

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