Don’t Crucify Me! Holy Week in the Motherland and Here.

by Leonard

Holy Week is in full swing in the Motherland, which means not much else is in full swing other than praying, repenting and speaking in tongues – not to mention live crucifixion and self-whipping.  (Unless you are partying in Boracay with artistas!  Amen!)

i thought we were going just paint eggs and eat chocolate bunnies.

i thought we were painting eggs and eating chocolate bunnies

Which is fitting since Kapisanan is whipping out the theology for this week’s Critical Filipino History session with ‘Christianity in the Philippines’ (TODAY 630pm @TheK, more info in the post below).

Get some knowledge before showing up to church on Sunday for the free wine!


~ by Leonard on April 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Don’t Crucify Me! Holy Week in the Motherland and Here.”

  1. I got bored and made up like a modern adapttaion of the Passion.

    This story’s about the man, the legend.. J.C.
    Died in the cross for you and me, had some homies, forgotten by many.

    Cruxify! Cruxify! Cried by many, Pilate washed his hands “Sorry J.C., it’s the peeps.. not me. ”

    J.C. silent, whiplashed one time too many while brotha Simon Peter was stalking ’round the corner. “That’s one of J.C.’s cru.”, shouted a brotha. However peter denied, “Yo, Never seen that mothaf*cka!”

    Peter lied and lied, then after, realized.. J.C. forseen him pussy out, then he went to a corner.. cried and cried.

    Then a Roman soldier said “Yo this is whack, this ain’t no king. Brotha’s lyin’, time for tha nailin.”

    J.C was silent, and did as he told. He carried a slab of wood, tried as much as he could. He then meets his momma, and told her to chill, “A brotha has to do, his father’s will.”

    Roman solidier got pissed,”we can’t let the brotha die right now..” so he called simon from the crowd, “Yo dude, carry the wood for now.”

    One the way, J.C. was strugglin’ and saw one fan, Veronica wiped the face of the man with a cloth.. she got the best autograph, one last from the man..

    J.C. fell then met the chicks of Jerusalem, and then fell again.. damn! those babes were tight, J.C. has some good sights.

    He managed to reach cavalry to meet his destiny, stripped of his garments and got ready for today’s main events. Cruxified, J.C. was humiliated in between them two bandits, however one bandit was smart enough to repent and believed in the man, the legend.. J.C.

    One cry from J.C.”My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? damn..” as he got pwned in the cross, the earth shaked along wit it.. even the red curtian in the temple ripped in half, no one knew who dun it.

    J.C. laid to rest in the tomb, slab of rock covered it tight. Guards guarded, cos someone might steal his carcass, then make tha wack rumor of J.C. resurrecting after dying.

    three days passed, guards gor mesmerized.. bright lights in the tomb, J.C. rising after dying. Guards fleed tha scene while shitting in their pants.

    J.C. went to his homies, to fulfill his promise of living, after death in three days. You gotta believe J.C. is indeed the man, the legend we all praise and beleive in.

    Peace out.

  2. marc, you have to start writing for the blog!

  3. i know right? geez

  4. omg that’s so cute! love it.

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