TODAY’S LONGANISA: Tasty Links – 04.03.09

by Leonard


This week’s set of links focus on WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. WHY? Because there’s some tasty links on the web if you look hard enough.

Rhandolf Fajardo started “Pushcart Classrooms” to combat the issue of teenage gangs in the streets of the Motherland. Now, he’s up for the CNN Heroes Award. His organization takes education to the streets (as well as cemetaries and trash dumps) in an effort to thwart the possibilities of impoverished youths joining gangs. How? They actually push carts stocked with books, paper, pens… even tables and chairs — and sets up impromptu classrooms right then and there. Imagine what Fajardo would do if he HAD an actual space to work with… like we do.

Team Manila needs your help in deciding which T-Shirt designs make it into the 2009 Collection! Take the survey here and don’t forget to tell them you live in Canada!


Bataan Falls

Bataan Falls

On THIS DAY in 1942, the Japanese launched a massive infantry attack in Bataan, following up on their previous attack on Manila. Six days later, Bataan would fall, leading to the infamous and tragic Bataan Death March where about 1000 Americans and approximately 15,000 Filipinos died.


Filipinos On Display

Filipinos On Display

58 Ossington Ave. — Outer and Inner Space @XPACE is part of the Images Festival 2009
Jo Alcampo is opening her installation tonight at Xpace (58 Ossington, 7-10pm). It’s part of Images 09 and runs to April 18. The installation focuses on the experience of Filipinos at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair, which featured human exhibitions of tribal peoples from 50 nations including over 1,000 Filipinos. The 47-acre, Philippine Reservation was one of the largest and most frequently visited displays and the most popular “attraction” were the Igorot people indigenous to the northern mountain region of the Philippines.

~ by Leonard on April 3, 2009.

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