HEATED DISCUSSION Regarding The State of Filipino Identity and Unity


photographer: Kristen Sison

photographer: Kristen Sison


(Somebody even started with Len)


~ by m1ko on April 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “HEATED DISCUSSION Regarding The State of Filipino Identity and Unity”

  1. Didn’t really start with me… but yeah, lots to discuss. Let this be the place where it happens.

  2. In my opinion, SOFU’s success cannot be measured by what happened inside the auditorium but it’s impact outside with the Filipino community here.

    I am worried that some of the audience would just be “scenesters” or just attended just because SOFU was just there and were curious enough to just see what the ruckus was from all the ads that were going around.

    I believe that the community is capable of greater things but each individual should realize this themselves, because the whole is only as good as its individual parts would be. Most had a lot to say, but hopefully those same people will get that opportunity to put their words into action.

    Youth should lead, but must never forget to ask the elders who paved the way for most of us to be here.

    I would say that:
    Hindi maatim kung hindi sususbukan.
    Nasa kasalaukuyan ang ating kinabukasan.

    Lulan ng aking mga pangarap ang dala ng pagsusumikap.
    Inaasam kong maging tanyag bilang isang bahagi ng nakararami. Bilang isang bahagi ng mga Pilipino sa ‘Canada’.

    Hindi mapupukaw ang aking damdamin na dala ng mga pagbabago dito.
    Taas noo akong Pilipino.

    Nasa kasalukuyan ang ating kinabukasan.

  3. well said marc.

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