LONGANISA LINKS ESPECIAL: Going “Home” – 03.13.09

by Leonard

Just babysitting this blog while your ED Alex is in the Motherland doing his thing with Kilusan Collective. If you’ve been following along on their blog, you know that for a Filipino going “back” to the Philippines, it’s not always just huge malls and bad TV shows.

Tiffany's Mom's House

Tiffany's Mom's House

No matter if its your first visit or your 10th visit, sometimes you end up with more questions than when you got there.

This week’s Longaniza Links features KPC’s accounts of going back to the Philippines. If you’re wondering about the beautiful madness that is traveling to the Motherland — let this be your starting point.

– Christine felt home[sick], luckily she’s there right now.

– JR, Alex and Myk took a camcorder into a jail and into the middle of Quiapo during Holy Week. Guess which one was crazier.

– Myk said “FUCK EUROPE“. Only Myk.

– Allan had lots of time to muse about his observations – while trying to escape the house. And the mall.

– Jade posted about Lagalag before she relocated to Singapore. It’s a ‘wandering journal’ project by Filipinos the world over. Sort of like we are.

– Getting your eyes opened in the P.I. isn’t just about serious stuff. Sometimes, as Reese’s post on Filipino business names shows us, finding something to smile at is as easy as looking out of your car window.

– Sometimes, its the sad things that bring us back. I was there last year to say some goodbyes and explore some unanswered questions.

Have you been to the Philippines? If so, what were your first impressions? Your lasting impressions? Your unanswered questions?

Do you want to go back again? What would you do different?

Finally… if you’ve never been back — what’s stopping you?



~ by Leonard on March 13, 2009.

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  1. Great post!

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