TODAY’S LONGANISA: Tasty Links – 03.06.09

by Leonard

Tonight is the Halo Halo Screenprinting Exhibition at 401 Richmond. Come through and support Jeff and crew (and keep him from thinking of the rest of Kilusan in the P.I.!)


Speaking of Kilusan Collective, you’ll want to hit up their blog often — they’re on the move and and blogging like fiends. We’ll try to repost their updates here, but we’re trying to keep up just like you.

Finally, R.I.P. Francis M. — The King of Pinoy Rap passed away earlier today due to Leukemia.

Most Filipinos on this side of the ocean don’t know who he is. Google him (or better yet, visit his personal Multiply) and you’ll see the reason why his music, especially the early stuff deserves to be part of the lexicon on any true Filipin@ hip-hop head.

I first heard of Francis M. when The Source did a story on International Hip Hop in 1990. There he was, right beside Canada’s own Maestro, France’s MC Solaar, Japan’s DJ Krush… ‘Mga Kababayan’ came out in 1989 — the same year as ‘Fight The Power’ and is every bit as bombastically challenging. For me, it was validation an artist could be down with hip-hop AND proud of his Filipino heritage – it laid the groundwork for my own future.

Here’s a recent commercial where The Man From Manila shows why he’s the King:

… and a tribute by Filipino Comic Book Artist Gerry Alanguilan:


~ by Leonard on March 6, 2009.

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