TODAY’S LONGANISA: Tasty Links – 01.23.09

by Leonard

Oh DAMN! — After a lengthy absence, its the return of “Today’sLonganisa” — tasty Filipino links from around the web!  Unlike real longanisa… INDULGE.

1. ABDC Season 3 Rolls on.

more dancing dancing gallabanting

more dancing dancing gallabanting

Another season of America’s Best Dance Crew started recently and it comes after a longer hiatus than the one between S1 and S2 — I guess they realized that ABDC2 had some weaksauce crews.  With so much crying!  What the heck — but then again it was the Filipino guys crying all the time, coz what can we say?  We’re sentimental.

Just this past week, my ABDC3 pick Team Millenia squeezed by to stay in it to win it, so the locker room still smells like home (read: ulam coats) for another week.  Thankfully, the Boxcuttahz Crew got chucked because everyone knows you don’t cut into a Balikbayan Box, you save that shiet for next year.  Box cutters are not friends of Filipinos.

2. Please Manny, DO hurt him!

Pinoy OFWs want to laugh at their Brit employers for ONE DAY

Pinoy OFWs want to laugh at their Brit employers for ONE DAY

After being ‘off and back on again’ more times than a Filipino relationship,  Pacquiao/Hatton is ON.  The money is right and both fighter’s game is tight and the contract negotiations were the equivalent of holding two fighting roosters in front of each other before a cockfight.  It’s set to go for May 2, so start figuring out which of your friends with a big screen you’re going to mooch off.  I dunno what it is about Hatton, but I don’t like him.

3. KPC AGM – Did you miss it?

AGM Update Coming Soon!

AGM Update Coming Soon!

In your OWN backyard, KPC had its Annual General Meeting Jan 21 to set off what’s going to be a BIG year at the K.  Your friendly neighbourhood Editor Alex is setting something up here on the blog to update those of you who missed and our friends over at The Philippine Reporter were good enough to get the word out in their online version.  Hermie is a class act, believe that.

~ by Leonard on January 23, 2009.

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