The Beautiful and The Ugly

by j. manalo

So I’ve finally got some free time to make my first post here at Kapisanan!! I’m truly grateful to have this opportunity for I have a lot of things I’d like to share to everyone especially to the Filipino community. Anyway, for my first post I would like to share this 3d animated film I did last year. I showed this film at the Kapisanan Gallery last year so some of you might have seen this already. The title of the animation is “The Beatiful and The Ugly”. 

The film is a cautionary tale about immigration. I know for a fact that when I was young I’ve always wanted to depart from Philippines and experience the life abroad because I foolishly thought it’d be much cooler out there. Unfortunately, life abroad wasn’t as luxurious as I thought it was. This film is somewhat a reflection of my own personal experience guided by some research.

About the film:

Nano (Jeffrey Kafer) works in a Toy Factory in Azul, one of the low class cities in all of Lumino. Everyday, Nano would sit by the shore to watch the City of Paraiso (City of Paradise). His only dream is to live in that city one day and leave his “decaying land”.

However, when he finally steps on the City of Paraiso, he realizes that his dream place isn’t really what he had in his mind.


Director: Julius Manalo

Writer: Julius Manalo

Animator: Julius Manalo

Genre: Animation/Fantasy

Voice: Jeff Kafer

Runtime: 8 min 41 sec

~ by jmanalo on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “The Beautiful and The Ugly”

  1. that was great; in the beginning i wasn’t sure what to expect about paraiso, but what happens to nano really made me think about the plight of anyone who’s ever left their home country to seek a better life.

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