Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!!

by alex


I was lucky enough to be in Vegas during the Pacquiao -De La Hoya fight.  While I couldn’t afford tix to the actual fight I watched it with thousands of others on closed circuit tv in the Mandalay Bay event centre (where they hold UFC matches).  For some reason they wouldn’t let me bring my camera to the arena so I have no pics from there (that really ticked me off), but it was good times as the Filipinos were there to represent–the place was loud and insane.  Congratulations to Manny!  It was a complete beatdown, I mean damn, he made de la Hoya quit.  Wow.  He was crowned with the ‘pound-for-pound best fighter’ in title after the David Diaz fight but there were still some with doubts.  This win over Oscar, an Olympic gold medalist, and six time world champion, erased any doubt.

To be honest I really thought Oscar would do better (I knew he would lose, but I didn’t expect the demolition that happened).

According to an article I read on Yahoo sports Manny will fight next in May or June 2009, who do you guys want to see him matched up with?  I’d personally love to have Mayweather come out of retirement for him, but I’m not sure if that’s likely (as some think that he retired just to avoid facing Pacquaio).

After the fight I got talking to one of the official photogs at the afterparty and somehow snagged myself a press pass (!)  These are some of my pics from then.  Good times all, good times.

IMG_3042 by you.

My bro with Manny’s trainer Freddy Roach.

IMG_3090 by you.
IMG_3097 by you.
With Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez.


Will. i. am and Apl. de. ap.




~ by alexfelipe on December 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!!!”

  1. oh shit OH SHIT!

    Craaaazy! Press pass? you sneaky Filipino. You talk to Apl?.. in Tagalog??

  2. […] there’s the fact that until the weekend of the Pacquiao – De la Hoya fight [see some of my pics HERE] pretty much all the Filipinos I saw there were low level employees (I was even asked if I worked […]

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