Why you should learn Tagalog at the KPC!

by Allan


Considering my mind set is purely focused right now on getting back to North American reality, this will be my last note on my Philippines trip.  It’s an important one though, as I hope Filipino-Canadians who plan to go back to the Philippines seriously consider learning or reviewing/refreshing their Tagalog.

The reasons I stress the importance of learning Tagalog was that during my experience in the Philippines, if you don’t have anyone that speaks English as well as you do, you’re always going to have a constant feeling of misunderstanding.  The action of redundancy & constantly trying to get your relatives or whomever trying to understand your point of view will get very frustrating.

My relatives & their friends, all university educated weren’t familiar with some of the expressions & terms I used & quite a few times I had to explain over & over what I wanted, although I was being very clear.  At shopping malls & districts, I found myself (although I looked like one of the locals) being hustled because I spoke like a foreigner because they didn’t understand what I wanted, although it was just as simple as getting a bigger shoe size or a bigger size for a shirt.  Bargaining was already a lost battle or the vendor would only give me a minimal discount.

The KPC has some great Tagalog teachers & a great system to match & when the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to take full advantage of the situation & learn Tagalog fully so the next time I’m a Balikbayan I won’t be as lost as I was. 

Take advantage of a great opportunity like Tagalog lessons at the KPC when there offered!

Do you speak Tagalog?  Are you interested in learning?  What are the factors that would attract you to actually take lessons?  What would turn you off?

~ by allanserrano81 on October 14, 2008.

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