TODAY’S LONGANISA: Tasty Links – 10.09.08

Check out our compilation of links seen around the net:

  • According to StatsCan and guest National Post columnist Father Raymond de Souza, Filipino Canadian kids are getting ed-ju-ma-cated.  Well at least some of them.  40% to be exact, have their university degrees. That’s cool, but it does beg a few questions:  Firstly, why isn’t it higher than just 40%?  That’s less than half!  (See! I’m SMAT!  S-M-A-T!!)  And secondly, In this day and age, does a university degree really mean you’re educated?  
  • You should plan on voting this October 14th, but as you place your ballot — ask yourself why, according to OCASI, that no Filipino was elected to Canadian Parliament in the last federal election.  Quick perusal of my own local GTA candidates reveals no Filipino representation.  And yet, we’re one of the largest and fastest-growing groups of ethnic majority!  What up with that, Canada?

~ by Leonard on October 10, 2008.

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