Strength or a Lie

If the first one is so good,
Why do you have to go for the other?
Because it’s not enough,
Because she can’t commit.
Because even though you make her
All these creative things
So she can love you
And you can love her,
Lover, it’s somehow,
Not enough.
And people still move away,
And people still have other responsibilities,
And that is what I mean,
And what Vincent
(St. Millay, that is),
Who said that, “Love is not all,”
But, why, Lover, I ask, isn’t it,
When it’s so good and there is nothing like it,
Though there are other avenues,
But still for the one you really want,
It isn’t?
And then you start thinking,
Maybe, too,
It isn’t—

I still don’t know.


~ by jiuna on September 28, 2008.

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