TODAY’S LONGANISA: Tasty Links – 09.25.08

Check out our compilation of links seen around the net:

Filipinos for Obama?

Filipinos for Obama?

– Remember when KPC’s Dave Deen wrote about Filipinos and Barack Obama?  Now that the U.S. Presidential race is heating up, it looks like his post is about to get a second wind.  And look!  Someone tried to pick a fight with Myk.

– When Erwin DeLeon said that “it looks like Little Brown Americans might not be ready for a Black American president”, he may have inadvertently answered Dave’s article — while advertently linking to one of Alex Felipe’s old articles

– Oktoberfest wasn’t just about frosted steins and laderhosen, it was also about San Miguel Pale Pilsen as Filipinos said “Itaas Mo!” to celebrate the venerable German beer holiday earlier this month.

– One of my childhood memories was remembering my Dad’s t-shirt that said “Dinagyang” that had a Tarzan-like character leaping across his chest.  I asked him “who’s that?” and he said it’s Dinagyang — a Filipino superhero.  30 years later, imagine my surprise when this clip popped up in my Youtube and I find out that he was just kidding.

~ by Leonard on September 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “TODAY’S LONGANISA: Tasty Links – 09.25.08”

  1. BIG love Len! I just saw this all now, respect for bringin it to light.

  2. lol

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