SoReal vs. Super Cr3w: Explosion! (Redux)

Since we’re getting a lot of hits to this article, we thought we’d give you the *SPOILER*…

Super Cr3W is America’s Best Dance Crew 2!

Did America get it right?  Discuss below.

… and Ailyn’s parents are STILL proud of her.

(and KULTURA is this weekend at KPC!)


It’s down to TWO crews on America’s Best (Filipino) Dance Crew — so we’d be remiss to not blog it one more time before the pre-finale head-to-head battle happens tonight (and in Canada, airs within the few days UGH). Who do you think will come out on top? SoReal or Super Cr3w? Chime in here (and tell us if you think Fanny Pak got robbed if you think so too).

photo courtesy of MTV

photo courtesy of MTV

Seems all well that ends with with SoReal Cru sweetheart Ailyn Isidro and her formerly ‘disapproving’ parents. They ended up attending the show, even hanging out backstage and participating in SoReal’s secret “Explosion” handshake (which is the lamest handshake to be given a name). We’re glad they came around, but don’t all Filipino parents when you’re already on TV and getting all sorts of fame?

Speaking of Filipino Parents, there’s gonna be tons of them this weekend at the Making Waves Festival at Ontario Place/CNE. Just follow the smell of ulam and the sounds of SSTs in the air and you’re there.

KPC is presenting Filipino playground games in the Kids Zone. Making Waves happens both Saturday and Sunday.

~ by Leonard on August 22, 2008.

One Response to “SoReal vs. Super Cr3w: Explosion! (Redux)”

  1. Awwww the parents came around? I guess it’s better late than never. Why is it that parentals always wait for other people to approve before they approve of their own kids?

    I hope we can change that in the next generations….

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