Tito Boy’s Top FIVE Karaoke Summer Songs

fram yor Tito Boy

Itz Summer time, even whether itz HOT!

In da Summer time, even whether itz HOT!

HEEEEY itz your Tito Boy herrrre. Summer is almost finished already and I haven’t even come over for some pork barbeque yet. Anywayz, here’s mah Top 5 Favoritz Karaoke Songz for da summer! Gimme FIVE!

1. Koko Mo – The Beach Boys: When I was small, I let my fingernails grow too long and your Lola said to me, “Boy! Gupitin yung Koko Mo!”

2. Kulit Now – New Edition: Kulit Now, you better slow it down. Oooh watch out, I’m ganna fall in lab! Ups, I already did!

3. Halo – Lionel Richie: Halo? Is it meh you’re looking for? No, it’s an icy summer delicacy with assorted floaties and purple ice cream! Sarap!

4. Pusit – Salt N Pepa: In summer I like cooking seafood on da hibachi. Or the healthy way — on a salad. Or… just deep-fry it and do the total opposite (or op-PUSIT)! I call it “Pusit – Real Good”.

5. Inday – Whitney Houston: This isn’t really a summer song, but since I been going to all da picnicz this summer like PND, I always see all the girls on da stage singing diz song:

“INDAAAAAAYY…!!!… Will Always Love You!…”

(p.s. — C U at Kultura diz weekend!)


~ by Leonard on August 21, 2008.

One Response to “Tito Boy’s Top FIVE Karaoke Summer Songs”

  1. When’s the next karaoke session Tito Bhoy?

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