FTV & Minerva are “ON AIR”

by Anagaile


Maria Vorobieva (Ethnic Channels Group) and Deo Moreno (Minerva TV producer)

August 8, 2008.

A press conference was held at MStudio Restaurant in Mississauga to launch a new Filipino Channel “FTV” (formerly Mabuhay Channel) by Ethnic Channels Group (ECG) on Rogers Digital Cable Channel 606. Part of the evening included a panel discussion with Deo Moreno (Minerva TV producer), Jeff Atienza (Minerva TV crew/videographer), and Maria Vorobieva (Ethnic Channels Group) with community and members of the press. Target audience, Filipino-Canadian community events coverage, experience for new and upcoming broadcasters or journalism students, recognizing local artists, and inviting the media and the community to campaign to support this project are just come of the issues that were highlighted.

Celebrating the launch

Celebrating the launch

Minerva Inc. and ECG have also partnered to produce new shows with local content including: ConGen After Work, to be hosted by Consul General Alejandro Mosquera (aka Congen, a name fondly called by his friends) on various Filipino-Canadian community issues; Sine 411, a trivia show for Filipino movies; Whereisthelaser, a sketch comedy program, and NegoShow, highlighting Filipino-Canadian businesses in Toronto. These programs will be produced by local Filipino-Canadians, not to mention a new young breed of excited artists, producers, broadcasters, journalists, and media professionals. Minerva TV is the production company who will be specializing in these programs under Minerva Inc..

FTV will also feature Philippine content programming including news, politics, sports, tagalog shows, music, and lifestyle. FTV is exclusively shown on Rogers Cable for a monthly subscription of $14.95.



Out of Luck performs at MStudio

So, what does everyone think of this? It will be TFC subscribers vs FTV – what does this mean to the Filipino-Canadian community? Will access be limited to those who can only afford to pay for $14.95/month? According to Minerva Inc., they are also looking into holding internships for student journalists looking to gain experience in the media. A really good initiative to do this and perhaps media veterans should look into getting involved into this or those who have experience, in order to provide the appropriate training to steer the new generation into maintaining journalistic professionalism. What role does the community play into this? Will FTV be the new TFC?

For more information about FTV and Minerva TV (including their productions), please visit http://www.minervarecords.ca/news.html

Members of the FTV/Minerva family

Members of the FTV/Minerva family

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