by Anonymous


drowning by Andrea Fleischer

i felt the winter air give breath to the autumn night
as if the changing of the seasons transformed at one time,
call me crazy for thinking this…
but i feel the breath of the wind
as if you blew me a kiss

i am engaged in conversation
through your sweet persuasion
which leads me to succumb to your enchantment,
with no intentions

and strong resistance

how did all this manifest?
with a slight tug at my soul…
you submit me to weakness

this mutual fantasy –
stubborn to fade; resilient
despite the distance
has transcended boundaries
and still has not ceased


At least once in your life, I hope you experience the topsy-turvy, breathless, consuming, searing type of love. Don’t fight it. Don’t think. Let yourself fall. There’s nothing like it and once it happens to you, you will be irrevocably changed.

~ by wiltedgumamela on August 13, 2008.

One Response to “M”

  1. evocative and seductive… thanks for posting this! we need more creative writing!

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