BBC News: Filipin[a] Nanny

by Emmanuel

Photo Journal, Filipino Nanny

Photo Journal, Filipino Nanny

Josie Pingkihan shares her life as an overseas nanny in Hong Kong through her comments and photos from her daily life.

At first, it seems like a safe approach, but then the last slide drives the harm home. Also, I like how she mentions how little the Philippine government is doing to create domestic jobs.

~ by paradoxifl on August 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “BBC News: Filipin[a] Nanny”

  1. I have mixed emotions viewing and reading this photo journal. Thank you for posting it. It makes me sad to see the disconnect of our Filipino families, it makes me angy cause the Philippine government is pursuing these human export policies, but I am inspired by the heart of Filipina women who are working hard, networking and organizing, and making the best out of a rough situation.

    At York University, I was lucky to read and write on many of these migration stories facing our countrymen and women. I will spare you all my academic take on this however, but it should be said that the Spirit of these women around the world is something remarkable.

    On a parting note, I must note that these stories surround us here in Toronto as well. We probably all know this, but lets spread the word of their experience and work to fix it. If us, the Filipino youth dont do it, then who will?

  2. great post, the slide of all the nannies on their day off really hit me.

    I find whats more tragic is the fact that this is probably one of the “best” most “successful” stories out there, you know, one that doesn’t involve abuse and captivity…

    Dave, great comment too, I agree.

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