Baggage: Final Curtain (Pt 2)

by alex

More photos from backstage and pre-show run throughs. These were taken before the final Fringe show last Sunday.

Caroline and Darrel running over lines for “Not My Exotic”
Vince would always just rock the vest shirtless before shows. Someone told him he looked like Aladdin one night and that was it. He was off. The boy knows all the lyrics to every damned song from that movie! Aura would join in too. A whole new world they said, but I somehow I still had to hear that song on this one.
Well I guess the Aladdin look is better than walking in to see that famous facebook look of his…
[* I’m just kidding Vince, that was funny stuff! You should shoot a vid of you and Aura doing this bit!]
I think Reese is trying to say something.
Andrea and Christine, of ‘Edge of Family,” looking tough.
Our amazing directors Marie Beath Badian and Karen Ancheta.
Cast huddle just before going out. I see kili-kili!

Our Fringe ticket guy was Cameron. He left us all a nice card on this last day of the run. We all signed a poster for him in return.
If we ever get a chance to launch this show again we have to invite him, he was there every night, but never got to watch the show…
And as I simply can’t help it sometimes (what can I say, I like b/w) here’s some taken without flash that just needed to be black and white…
Oh Isa…
Leon making his final(?) grand entrance as a drag queen. He was faan-tas-tic.
The crew heading out for the final bow.
* * *
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* * *

Written, Produced and Performed by:
Reese Baguio
Aura Carcueva
Vincent Galvez
Darrel Gamotin
Christine Mangosing

* * *

Directed by:
Karen Ancheta & Marie Beath Badian

Associate Producer:
Isa Palanca

Also Starring:
Leon Aureus
Rose Cortez
Alex Felipe
Jessica Leibgott
Elizabeth Lofranco
Caroline Mangosing
Andrea Mapili
Regina Simon
Michelle Turingan

Stage Manager:
Karyl Alvarado Agana

Assistant Stage Manager/Publicist:
Bea Palanca

Daryl Anne Panganiban

~ by alexfelipe on July 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Baggage: Final Curtain (Pt 2)”

  1. LMFAO!!! Isa’s pic makes me laugh soo hard.

  2. thank you karyl, i wanted to do the no bathroom breaks hand wave as well.

    🙂 great pics alex!!!

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