Baggage: Final Curtain (Pt. 1)

by alex

The show has ended, and it’s kinda sad to not have to come in 6x a week for warm-up, dance practice, line runs, equipment check, and put on a performance—(?!)

Looks like we did good though folks, check out NOW magazine’s Fringe Wrap-up: The Baggage cast is named one of the Outstanding Ensembles!

This is the first set of pics from that last afternoon show Sunday 13 July showing warm ups and run throughs. Part. 2 is coming soon…


Now everybody:
“Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose / Shall I ever see thee wed / I shall marry at thy will Sire / At thy will.”


Maria’s mother and daughter rehearse.

The cast of “Edge of Family” getting ready.




~ by alexfelipe on July 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Baggage: Final Curtain (Pt. 1)”

  1. best. company. ever.

    these are hilarious and amazing photos alex…. it demonstrates visually just what an amazing time we all had working together.

    we will do it again! what a wonderful spirit this company has.

  2. The Pictures are amazing alex.. I really like Andrea and Vince’s picture, that pic is intense!

    (this is Karyl BtW)

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