Publication Calls for Contributors [Diwa: Illuminating Pilipina Voices]

I saw this posted on another blog.

Diwa: Illuminating Pilipina Voices. A new publication out of California is calling out for Filipina writers and artists.  The theme of the first issues is “Invisibility.”  Contribution deadlines are 4 Aug 2008.  More info below.

DIWA: Illuminating Pilipina Voices©

would like your contributions!

Diwa [Tagalog]: “essence,” or intrinsic nature of things; “soul,” or cause of inspiration and energy; “spirit” or a human being’s moral, religious or emotional nature; “thread” or main thought that connects different parts; “sense”; “consciousness”; “gist”; “meaning”; “idea”. (Leo James English, Tagalog-English Dictionary)

Through the written word, artistic endeavors, and scholarly research, Diwa: Illuminating Pilipina Voices is a multidisciplinary publication that aims to augment the visibility of the Pilipina by providing an avenue to explore diversity amongst Pilipinas (or Filipino women); highlight Pilipina achievements in the community; create dialogues on Pinayism or Pilipina feminist paradigms; educate and provoke critical thought and discussion; bridge issues about the Pilipina in the Philippines, the U.S., and the larger global scene; and bring awareness about the Pilipina community to youth and adults within general and professional audiences.


DEADLINE: August 4, 2008

Filipinos have long been known as the “invisible minority” within the Asian/Pacific Islander community as well as the greater community at large. Diwa’s first issue will explore any aspect of the Filipino woman’s experiences regarding this “invisible” status. We strongly encourage contributors to think beyond cultural representation and also highlight subpopulations, issues, and people or artists in the community that have been stigmatized and/or given little exposure. Some topics could explore issues pertaining to older Pilipina adults, “mail-order brides,” domestic violence between Pinays and Pinoys, the LGBT community and definitions of femininity/masculinity, experiences of Filipino women overseas, indigenous forms of spirituality, Filipino women who are biracial, etc.

Although the subject of Diwa focuses on Filipino women, we welcome contributions from any individual regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, gender, or religious affiliation.

Check out the MySpace page for more info: See their blog for submission details.

[***just to let you know, I don’t know anything about this other than what’s on the blog pages.  If you have any questions I would suggest contacting them directly.  -af]

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One Response to “Publication Calls for Contributors [Diwa: Illuminating Pilipina Voices]”

  1. I emailed them and got more info on this:

    For our first issue, our plan is to send it out as PDF files. Since we’re a volunteer-run publication, we don’t have a whole lot of resources to fund a print publication. Our goal is first to reach as many people as we can and get our name out there before selling them. With PDF files, we think we might be able to do that since they’re free and anyone who has access to a computer can view it. We’re obviously targeting audiences in the US, but our mission is to provide an outlet for Filipina voices internationally.

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