by alex

This one is nauseating.

After writing that piece yesterday about Filipinos in Canada I happened to start flipping through a Filipino newspaper that I read (usually I consider it one of the better ones). I came across an article that I thought might add something to that blog entry titled “50 Years of Filipino Migration to Canada.”


The page seemed innocent enough at first–but take a look next to the articleWTF!?!?!?

The juxtaposition of the article, and the personal ad is just shocking.  Here’s a closeup for those with the stomach for it:


Seriously, what is that doing in a Filipino newspaper? Wow. I have to admit though, the two side-by-side says alot about our community, and it’s place in the greater Canadian context.

— I was going to write more, but I’ve gotta vomit….


~ by alexfelipe on July 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “WTF?!?!”

  1. wow, that’s fucked up. Reminds me of…everything. Makes you wanna grab a bolo..

  2. is that Billy Joel?

  3. A successful music career??? Hmmmm I wonder if I know this dude – and hopefully not. Sickening.

  4. I swear that’s Billy Joel. And if it is, I just might call to request a song.

    Just playing the devil’s advocate here, but there was a Filipino paper who printed this (which one? if they can print it, they can get called out), and I’m sure that “Richard” has no shortage of Filipinas that are calling him at 416 781 whatever. Trust me, they are calling. We think it’s sick, but on the other side – it’s just the way it is.

    There’s a sex industry that caters to white tourists (and rich koreans), we Filipinos love American-anything, and I know more than a few people who are bent on having a “more beautiful” mestiza baby.

    So, to be surprised at something like this is to pay a blind eye to everything we know as conscious and aware Filipinos.

    This ain’t new…

  5. No it isn’t new, and personal ads are not limited to just one paper, what galls me about this is the juxtaposition with the article (I wouldn’t have been so surprised if it were on a classifieds page), the language & tone, and that “look at me and my ride” photo. The simple fact is that we Fils are willing to sacrifice much for what we think can provide a “good” future, and we have come to idolise all things Western… On the flip side , Whites have their own obsessions with the “exotic,” and “orientalism.”

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