Fear Factor Philippines

by Leonard

I got this weird random email this morning informing me of the opportunity to audition for Fear Factor Philippines:


Fear Factor Philippines

If you would like to know how to join the reality game show Fear Factor Philippine edition which will be aired on ABS-CBN these next months, then please read on.

The show advertises that you will be leaving the Philippines for 30 days (1 month) and the grand prize is an astounding P 2 Million. To audition, you should go to:

PDA Concert Hall
June 29, 2008 (Sunday)
9am – 3pm

Those who are eligible to apply are 20-35 years of age and should bring
Valid I.D.
Original and Photocopy of Birth Certificate
Full body and Close Up Picture

Have fun and have no fear. Pinoy Fear Factor.


I thought that was funny for two reasons, the first being that I don’t LIVE in the Philippines, but more importantly that there even IS a Fear Factor Philippines.

Having a show like this in a country whose own regional cuisine was made into a challenge on the original Fear Factor is going to be really weird.  Everyone remembers the episode that featured the challenge where contestants had to eat ‘BALUT’ (or “ba-LOOOT” as they called it).  In fact, this is one of Fear Factor’s most memorable challenges, as documented on the NBC website.

Personally, I like balut — a few sprinkles of sea salt, crack the top and sip the soup — but really the guy in the video clip just overdoes it.  You can tell this that the guy in the above video clip was filmed in Boracay or some resort in the Philippines like that.  SURE, you can visit the resort but not partake in the local delicacy!  Jerk!  As for me, I’m GANGSTA:

Which brings me back to the Fear Factor Philippines thing.  I still ask, what in the world kind of challenges do you give contestants from the country that created the eating of 24-day duck embryos?  Don’t we already win the money each and every time we eat a balut (or sisig, or dinuguan, or crispy pata or chicken intestine)?  Really…. what will this show look like?  

If *I* were the producer of Fear Factor Philippines, the show would include challenges such as:

1. Smell the Shirt, Guess the Ulam – Is it Lumpia smell?  Bangus?  Or is it just Fried Garlic?

2. Agree on a time and arrive to the Finish Line less than an hour late – I am highly doubtful there will be any winners of this one.

3. Drive a vehicle onto a moving tractor trailer – This is the same as the one in the original Fear Factor, but you’re driving a Dodge Caravan with custom curtains, your deadbeat TNT uncle and his 3 kids in the back and there’s a huge sticker on the top of the windshield that says “Tamaraw”.

4. Bring Ba-on to the Movie Theatre, Evade Security**as heard in your headset** “OK… in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!  Pop the home-brought can of Coke NOW!!!!!!  There’s Security!  TAKBO!!!!”

5. Eat White People Food — Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts,  Turkey with Cranberry Sauce, Chicken Fingers – all with Heinz Ketchup.  BLECH.

Can you think of any more?






~ by Leonard on June 30, 2008.

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