Dying Filipina Caregiver Gets Some Good News

by alex

As I wrote about in a previous post Juana Tejada, a terminally ill Filipina caregiver, is being made to leave Canada because her cancer has been deemed a finacial burden to this country’s health care system.

Because of the dramatic nature of her story public interest has been raised enough to force the government into paying for her OHIP expenses since her OHIP expired last year, approximately $15,000.

Her lawyer Rafael Fabregas wrote in an email, “I have no doubt that this generous and much appreciated gesture by Citizenship and Immigration Canada came only because of the growing support Juana is getting from the community, from Canadians, and from around the world… But I continue to ask for your support and help, as Juana‘s request for permanent residence remains pending. Let’s all do everything we can to give Juana her dying wish.

There was a rally yesterday (Friday 27 June) organised by Migrante-Ontario in front of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The rally was attended by the United Steelworkers, No One is Illegal, the NDP (MP Peggy Nash, and NDP candidate Ali Naqvi), Migrante Partner orgs, and others.

To sign the petition to keep Juana in Canada CLICK HERE.

Below are images from that event:

Marco from Migrante-ON.

MP Peggy Nash, NDP.

NDP candidate Ali Naqvi.

A speaker from the United Steelworkers Union. The union, along with Migrante-ON have recently created the Independent Workers Association an organisation to provide legal and dental services, accident and critical illness insurance, and more (see link).

* * *

Update 18 July 2008:  Canada allows Tejada right to apply for landed immigrant status:  https://kapisanan.wordpress.com/2008/07/18/canada-finally-allows-dying-caregiver-to-apply-for-immigrant-status/

~ by alexfelipe on June 28, 2008.

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  2. […] [***for an update on this story see: Dying Caregiver Gets Some Good News] […]

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