Philippine Disasters bring a tear to my eye

by Leonard

Now that they’ve confirmed that there are no survivors from the capsized Princess of the Seas and bodies are starting to be recovered either by searchers or just washing up ashore, its pretty evident that this one will go down as a major disaster.

But will it?  Seems like disasters in the Philippines are too-soon forgotten.  I mean, Wowowee is still on TV after all.  It’s always the same, the Philz is used to calamity.  It’s in the news for a bit and then it slips from the headlines and our consciousness — the underlying issues prevail.


Poverty – How many of the passengers on this ferry just couldn’t afford to fly to Cebu from Manila?  Or is that just for those who can afford to vacation in Boracay?  Greed – Why did the Ferry company allow the boat to sail even when storms were in the way?  Did they not want to lose those fares and were willing to take the risk?  Negligence – Why didn’t the Philippine Coast Guard help out sooner?  Did PAGASA send out the proper warning?  Did the ship’s crew fuck up?  Is it negligent if Filipinos abroad don’t do something?

800, about half the number of passengers on the Titanic are gone just like that — but it’s not just 800 people gone — its the people that they left behind that are in some cases, better off dead.  Or left to fend for themselves if they lost a breadwinner and definitely left to try and come to terms with the incredible loss of a parent, child, friend or loved one.  Lots of stories in the news on this one, but this one is a real heartbreaker.  Does anyone else feel helpless at a time like this?  

Seriously, what can we do?


(by the way, anyone have any family who affected by the typhoons?   My pops is from Iloilo and we just found out that a lot of that is underwater, but everyone is safe at least.  But still, can you say “mahirap”?)



~ by Leonard on June 27, 2008.

One Response to “Philippine Disasters bring a tear to my eye”

  1. ****I just got this in an email today****

    Below is an appeal from Rep. Satur Ocampo, re: the recent typhoon in the Philippines. If you want to coordinate our efforts, please write to You can also directly send your organization’s financial or material support to the contact information below. Thanks


    25 June 2008

    This is an urgent appeal for assistance to victims of typhoon Frank that caused a wide that caused swath of damage across Eastern and Western Visayas, Southern and Central Mindanao, CARAGA Region, Bicol Region, Southern and Central Luzon and Metro Manila.

    Of the total number of affected people, 182,686 were in the Western Visayas, including 155,005 in Antique alone. In Iloilo province that is home to 1.7 million people, thousands have been displaced with 38 of the 42 towns flooded. Roofs of houses were torn off, power is out, and crops worth hundreds of millions of pesos were destroyed by flooding in as much as 70% of the farming areas. Urgently, people need food and medicine.

    In Southern Tagalog, 366,444 persons were affected. Twenty-two of Quezon¢s 33 villages were flooded, and at least 100 housed in the coastal areas of Infanta were destroyed. Evacuees in the CALABARZON area sought shelter in barangay halls and public schools. In San Pablo City, 390 families evacuated. The towns of Sta. Maria, Mabitac, Sinioan and Famy were submerged in knee-deep water.

    In Masbate, 1,372 families or 7,899 persons evacuated from 34 barangays in the towns of Cataigan, Cawayan, Claveria, Milagros, Mobo Placer and Esperanza.

    In Central Luzon, all 11 barangays in Obando, plus 12 in Marilao and Hagonoy towns in Bulacan were flooded, forcing at least 500 families in Obando to leave their homes.

    In Zamboanga City, 5,000 residents have been displaced. The rice fields also went under water while floods washed out fish ponds. Thousands of villagers were displaced in Shariff Kabunsuan and nearby places.

    In Metro Manila, at least, 850 families have been left homeless.

    We therefore appeal to your good office for emergency assistance in cash or in kind to relieve at least 10,000 families gravely affected.

    With your support, we plan to conduct a relief and medical mission in the most severely affected areas.

    For inquiries please contact Yvonne Luna at +632 951-1027 or +63917-5308925 and Ms. Gemma Bunag at +632 921-3473 or

    We hope for your favorable and immediate response to this appeal.

    Very truly yours,

    Representative Satur Ocampo

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