More Mainstream Fame For Filipinos!

My Filipino-dar has been on for the past few weeks and thanks to our good ol’ friend the Net, I’ve recently discovered a few Pinoys enjoying mainstream success in Europe and North America.

First up, Filipino director Yam Laranas finally unveils “The Echo”, the Hollywood remake of his Tagalog thriller “Sigaw”.  The producers (who are responsible for the Americanization of Asian horror flicks “The Ring” and “The Grudge”) decided to keep Laranas on board, as well as one of Sigaw’s original lead actresses, Iza Calzado.  The film was shot here in Toronto last year.


Sigaw (the original, in Filipino)

In Europe our kababayans are reppin’ as well.  Austrian born-and-bred but 100% Pinoy Vincent Bueno recently won “Musical! Die Show”, which in my opinion is a cooler Idol-type competition – but instead of pop songs, it’s musicals!  (Yes, that is the theatre geek in me talking.)

Here he is performing one of my all-time favourite sequences, Gene Kelly’s “Singin’ In The Rain”:

And his winning piece, Phantom of the Opera’s “Music Of The Night”:

In similar news, club singer Madonna Decena was able to get into the semi-finals of the Simon Cowell show “Britain’s Got Talent”.  She did not make it to the finals but her story not only touched the hearts of the judges but of the UK public.  Watch the audition video where she tells the story of why she joined the show, I promise you will shed a tear or two, especially those who know the plight of Filipino migrant workers.


~ by antoniele on June 19, 2008.

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  1. thanks for posting this Jade!

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