The Return of Adobong MANAK! Ang Sarap Sarap!

He’s back, he’s cooking your favourite dish — Adobong MANAK — and it’s UNG-SUH-RAHHP – SUHRRAPP!!!

… and the truth is, he can speak Tagalog better than most of you! And ME! Oh NO

Be as good as Travis or maybe even better — why not come out to the Conversational Tagalog classes happening at the KPC beginning June 3rd.

You can sign up for either Tuesday sessions from 7p-9p (for all the 9-5ers) or Saturday sessions from 2p-4p. We’re starting from the very basics. Kaya huwag ka nang mahiya!

Session fees are $75 for 6 classes and $15/drop in.

University and High School Students with valid ID can register for 6 classes for as low as $60.00 or $12/drop in.

Kids under 14 are free!

All course materials will be provided by the instructors. You will not be required to buy a course text.

Kitakits tayo dun ha?

E-mail or find our Facebook Group or the KPC facebook group to sign up.


(For the original Adobong Man-AK-tion, check out the original Travis clip HERE.)

~ by Leonard on May 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Return of Adobong MANAK! Ang Sarap Sarap!”

  1. hahahahahahahahaha!!!! That guy is freakin hilarious!

    We should do vids like this for kpc…

  2. oh dear lord… well at least he knows how to market himself. so alex… are you gonna don a filipino flag apron shirtless or is len?

    ang sarap! lol.

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