KPC is LABAN! (Fight!)


Outside Theatre Passe Muraille, after Sunday’s full house performance of People Power.
(L-R): Michelle Uy, Producer; Jean-Marc Daga, Spoken Word Artist/Activist; Nadine Villasin, Artistic Director/Performer; Alex Felipe, Photojournalist; Nicco Garcia, Performer; Christine Mangosing, Performer

In support of The Carlos Bulosan Theatre’s production of People Power, we’re asking the entire city of Toronto to do the Filipino symbol for “fight”, LABAN!

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Take pictures of yourself, your friends and people around the city doing the LABAN sign
2. Post it on our Facebook Event or any other social networking site and/or make it your profile pic.
3. Mention the People Power production and encourage everyone to come out.

So come on Toronto, we want to see your photos of you and your friends/colleagues/family doing the LABAN! Make sure to hit us back with a link to your pic! Who knows, maybe your photo could be featured on our blog!


~ by reesebaguio on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “KPC is LABAN! (Fight!)”

  1. Post your images on facebook and our Flickr Photo Pool:

  2. I’m gonna take my own ‘Laban’ pic, but on a totally separate note — I just wanted to say that I LOVE THIS PHOTO!


    Because it’s of Filipino folks from different groups, organizations, occupations… all doing the ‘L’.

    THAT is beautiful stuff… when people get together.

    Let’s get it together, Toronto.

  3. […] blogged earlier this week, about a challenge we pose to the city of Toronto. Show us your LABAN photos! Here’s a bunch of submissions for today from the KPC Flickr Photo […]

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