Photos from “Fish Eyes”

by alex

This was an amazing show. If you missed this, you missed something really special…

“Anita Majumdar is Meena, in this one-woman tour-de-force, Majumdar let’s us a peek inside the life of an average Canadian teen, who obsesses like any other 17 year old would. Obsessing over Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai, her MAJOR crush on a boy named Buddy, and the prom coming up, Meena also has to deal with the impending Annual Lord Ganesh Festival happening in India and Kalyani Aunty who is pushing hard for her prize student to prepare herself for the all-important dance competition at the festival. How will she deal?”


~ by alexfelipe on April 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Photos from “Fish Eyes””

  1. Hey Alex

    Great photos as usual!

    I also thought this show was incredible and I hope people do get a chance to catch it.

    Anita was so awesome and talented as an actor, but for me… what I really liked was the writing —

    2nd generation writing usually leaves me feeling conflicted and confused about identity, probably because as 2nd gen writers… everyone is still conflicted and confused, or trying to figure it out.

    ‘Fish Eyes’ didn’t make me feel like the main character was compromising or being forced to come to terms with something. Seems like we’re always seeing writing where we give in to our environment or trying to fit in. Anita’s play made me feel like the character not only overcame identity issues, she kicked it in the ass and made it tap out. Instead of blending in, it was like she said “YOU blend into MY WORLD.”

    It was so good to see a play that said flat out ‘be proud of who you are and where you came from because its the best”. No apologies made, no white-Canada-friendly resolution, just a belligerent Indian Auntie dance teacher saying you’re the frickin bomb and that’s that.

    I was telling Darrel right after, that it made me proud to be Indian. Which is an amazing accomplishment, considering I’m Filipino.

    I think everyone should see this! Re-mount!!! Re-mount!!!!

  2. Alex… damn man. Your turnaround on processing photos is legendary! Amazing work as usual.

    The show was hilarious, and charming, and her writing (as Len pointed out) was sharp and on the money. The richness in which Anita embued her various on stage characters was stellar, and I was mesmerized by the seamless transitions from one to the other.

    I am always amazed at how plays like these really speak to mainstream audiences outside of our own culture. I was definitely proud to be “a visible minority” last night. Go Brown peeps! (Both the light and dark varieties. 😀 )

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