Part 4 – Barrios

Street walks in and around the Tondo district of Metro Manila. Getting close to some locals gives me a sense of pride of where I come from. Even with their struggles and stories, the warm hearts and hospitality of these people has made me believe change can happen. The true Filipino people of this Philippines nation.


~ by alexjr on March 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Part 4 – Barrios”

  1. that’s real interesting…

    what’s funny is that this is the first time I’ve seen what Tondo looks like because no one ever brought me there.

    so far its either in your youtube video, or out a car window behind glass or being used as a setting in an aspirational pinoy movie plot that’s been overdone.

    I see you guys were at Recto. That’s where Diploma Alley is, I heard.

    Has anyone read “My Brother My Executioner” by F. Sionil Jose? The main character is from where you are in the video and part of the plot takes place right there.

    Real interesting.

  2. For real… It’s all about getting out there… U find your roots more in those areas than anywhere else in the city. The People. Mind you, we had organizational tour guides to help us out and it is also important not to exploit the people as well. Best to help bring out their issues which seem to be buried in the media.

    I’ve gotta check out that book ur talking about. I’m sure it will hit me more once i read it.


  3. ha, “diploma alley!” I wanted to get me one of those as a souvenir but ran out of time at the end of my trip.

    Tondo is definately an interesting part of Manila. Esp when you see the military presence there–Starting early Jan last year they’ve started stationing the army in urban poor areas, they say for public safety, but isn’t that the police’s job? There have been accusations of harrassment from within the community as well. I met a group of teenage girls (13-17) through the Children’s Rehabilitation Center that were taken by the military and given a “disciplinary” beating for example…

  4. … oh and if anyone wants to see photos from this day visit:

  5. Bonifacio is from Tondo, right?

  6. Straight from Tondo man.

    ALex wicked picks on your blog! Brings me back still.


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