Stay Tuned for People Power 3. Or 4. Or is it 5?

by Leonard


Filipinos all over the world should have their eye on their homeland at week’s end, because it looks like the Philippines is headed for another “People Power Revolution”. I’m not absolutely sure this is going to happen… I mean, it’s not like you can PLAN for something like this.

Or CAN you?

Filipinos sure know how to beat a dead cabayo. I mean, the first People Power was cool — the dancing and singing in the streets, the yellow T-shirts, throwing up the peace sign, giving flowers to soldiers and standing in front of tanks — WOW, the stuff that Time Magazine photos are made of.

People Power 2 was even pretty cool because it was more than a decade after the first one, so it was like gettin’ that ol’ thang back. It was like listening to old school.

Then came People Power 3, whatever that was. I can’t remember, because it has become repetitive, redundant and devoid of the original spirit. Its like most sequels, it gets pretty shit once you get to the 3rd one.

The Philippines got crazy spoiled at all the attention it got when the first People Power revolution happened. It was in the news, on Time Magazine… the world called it “PEOPLE POWER” and lauded the Filipinos for their courage… and what did Filipinos do with the first taste of the spotlight? They basked in it and they called on it again and again, hoping that the country, no — the world — would again join in chorus to overthrow whatever they weren’t happy with.

Now, every time there is unrest among the people… the first thing Filipinos say is “Let’s Have People Power!!!” “YEAH! Great Idea!” “Let’s cook lots of puto and go to EDSA and sing show tunes!” The call for non-violent protest in the streets has become an excuse to have a party in the streets; the original meaning has been dulled, if not forgotten… drowned out by the clanging of pots and pans and the blaring of torch anthems over PA speakers.

Filipinos have gone to the well way too many times with ‘People Power’ and now it’s a laughable folly; a wolf-cry in a forest-world full of deaf cynics.

Stay tuned this Friday for the latest episode and if you miss it — don’t worry — it will definitely show in repeats.

What do you think? Is People Power dead? Why is it such a buried piece of history? And why doesn’t it invade our consciousness when ‘People Power’ demonstrations happen anymore? Have we over-used this ‘power’?


~ by Leonard on February 12, 2008.

One Response to “Stay Tuned for People Power 3. Or 4. Or is it 5?”

  1. Sure people power can still be deadly, I mean effective. But only if it is led and supported by well meaning, credible and committed group of citizens determined to risk limbs and life for a much better tomorrow. Also, only if their cry for change can gain support from some discontented sectors in the military. People power led by recycled activist, the uneducated, minors and some toothless peasants will not lead us anywhere.

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