Journeys to the homeland

What up,

Thought this would be cool to post. Me, Myk and Rain had a blast visiting the Philippines. Thought this would be the perfect time to shoot, edit and post these videos to show some essence of what we’ve experienced back HOME. This is a 5 part video series. I’m gonna do 1 a day or every other day so I don’t hog the blog spots.




~ by alexjr on February 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Journeys to the homeland”

  1. nah man, hog away.

    question for you guys —

    “how did you feel when you were there? did you feel like a Filipino, or a Canadian, or both?”

    I felt weird the first time back, but then last time I felt SO Filipino like I was coming HOME and now when I think of home, the Philippines springs to mind without a doubt.

  2. that was wicked awesome… so when are we gonna see more?!?

    i especially loved the percussive bit in the museum…

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